Pumpkin Enzyme Peel                                                                                  60 min.

This peel has firming and softening properties that gently exfoliate and hydrate parched skin.  Pumpkin enzymes are beneficial for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. $85

Lactic/Gylcolic Acid Treatments                                                         30 min.

Alpha hydroxy acids from sugar cane provide a safe and rapid exfoliation treatment.  A series of peels softens and smooths skins tone and texture.  Stimulates collagen and elastic growth. For best results a series of 6 is recommended. series of 6 $299

Remedy Hydration Facial                                                                           80 min. 

This treatment has a double mask that first re-hydrates the skin, then exfoliates getting rid of dead skin cells, which assists the customized ampules and serums to penetrate the outer layers of your skin.  This helps diminish visible signs of fine lines and restores softness and suppleness.  To enhance your experience, this facial offers an amazing massage, which extends to the neck, shoulders, upper back, hands, and feet. $125

Purifying Treatment Facial (Clearing)                                                 55 min.

This is an intense results oriented facial.  A full analysis of the skin is followed by a deep pore cleansing, targeting existing breakouts helping to prevent future breakouts.  This treatment is customized for each client and includes extractions and thorough exfoliation.  A high frequency treatment to kill bacteria and stimulate collagen production follows.  To finish off, a custom clarifying mask is used to detox, purify, and re-balance.  Arm and hand massage is included.  Add a salicylic treatment for deep cleansing to dissolve blackheads and reduce inflammation. $85

Microdermabrasion Treatments

Menu of Services

Feel free to drop by for a full menu of services

Gentleman's Facial                                                                                          60 min.

A deep cleanse and exfoliation with extractions helps to minimize pores and blackheads.  This facial is tailored to the special needs of masculine skin.  Includes customized mask, shoulder, and neck massage.$85

Papaya Enzyme Peel                                                                                      60 min.

Papaya pulp enzymes dissolve the surface cells and impurities along with dead skin from the surface which blocks pores.  This clarifies, refines, and revitalizes skin.  Great for acneic, combination, and discolored skin conditions.  This fruit contains Papain which helps to whiten and soften skin as well as heal wounds.  Papain also helps reduce pre-existing infections and encourages healing.$85

Aesthetically Great Facial                                                                          55 min.

A European facial with a great blend of deep cleansing with steam, exfoliation, skin analysis, extractions, and a personalized mask all customized for your skin needs.  Includes a luxurious facial, neck, and shoulder massage.  $79 

We also provide clinically proven peels including enhanced Jesner, TCA, Salicylic Peels and more.

O2 Oxygen Microdermabrasion Facial                                           55 min.

With a Microdermabrasion exfoliation, your skin will be smoother making wrinkles and hyperpigmentation start to disappear.  The ultimate in skin care therapy.  Adding Oxygen is an incredibly nourishing, extremely hydrating treatment that minimizes wrinkles and is designed to infuse the skin with oxygen, vitamins, antioxidants, and poly peptides.  Your skin will have a glow that will last for days.  A customized mask is also added. $175 Series of 3 $425

Rejuvenating Lunch-Time Facial                                                             25 min.

This short but effective anti-stress treatment will produce maximum results in the minimum amount of time.  Deep cleansing with aroma therapy steam, exfoliation, and a personalized treatment mask moisturizer and of course sunscreen make this a great maintenance treatment.  Includes hand and arm massage. $50

Aesthetically Josie's is located in the Water Court Center 890U Hampshire Rd., Westlake Village, CA 

91361 - 805.379.2889

 Aesthetically Repair Facial                                                                       60 min.

Cool and repair your over stimulated skin.  This is a great facial for those who have rosacia or redness.  This facial incorporates specialized cleansers and cooling masks that help calm and repair your skin. $85

Aesthetically Signature Ultimate Facial                                         110 min.

Best of the best, lift and firming facial!  This ultimate treatment is for those who really want to see  a difference and feel on top of the world!  Skin will be exfoliated, hydrated, and absolutely glowing.  Perfect for brides or that red carpet event.  This facial includes it all:  Deep pore cleansing, special ampules, and serums, (extractions upon request).  A neck, shoulders, arms, and foot massage takes you to a heavenly relaxing place.  Everything is included for this most relaxing anti-stress rejuvenating facial.